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Saturday 17th March 2018

About KTransport

Located in Coven and Wednesfield, KTransport is positioned at the heart of the U.K. motorway network and is ideally placed to provide haulage, distribtuion and logistics services throught the U.K. KTransport prides itself on its modern fleet of over 70 vehicles meticulously maintained in its own workshops. KTransport believe that a well maintained, modern vehicle fleet is an essential component of providing an exceptional road haulage service.

KTransport also utilises its skilled workshop staff to provide MOT services for cars and light vans in the Wolverhampton, Coven and Brewood areas. With ample parking and attention to providing exceptional service, KTransport's workshop provides an MOT service to customers which is completely imdependent and provides an accurate assessment of their vehicle's condition. And, because KTransport does not provide maintenance for MOT customers' vehicles, they can be confident that they will not be asked to undertake unnecassary work on the vehicles.

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