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Saturday 17th March 2018
KTransport Wolverhampton bodyshop vehcile re-painting services

K Transport Vehicle Bodyshop Services

Located in Coven, Wolverhampton K Transport's vehicle bodyshop provides a complete service for bodywork repairs and re-sprays of cars, vans, trucks and any other private or commercial vehicle. Bodyworks repairs and shot blasting surface preparation is available to ensure the highest quality paint finish is achieved.

Following painting, which can be of single panels or entire vehicle re-sprays, body work is finished to the highest standard with hand painting of logos or decals and logos added where required.

For all you private or commercial vehicle body work repairs and re-sprays contact K Transport for a competitive quotation.

Typical of the quality of re-sprays that K Transport provides is the recent refurbishment of the Lawn Mower Hospital’s Ambulance. The pictures show the dull paintwork of the vehicle before work commenced, followed by shot blasting, primer coats and finished top coats. The final pictures show the hand painted finished results.


Lawnmower Ambulance before repainting Fully shot blasted and primed vehicle body Repainted vehicle with hand painted signage Bodywork coat applied
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