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Saturday 17th March 2018


Our employees are our most valuable resource and we have built our business from providing first class training to all of our drivers and workshop staff.

K Transport services are an approved JAUPT driver CPC training centre and we are currently running the K Transport driver excellence course for all our employees.

We also provide training for outside companies who wish to train their employees to a high standard.

Our driver CPC course includes essential subjects such as customer service, driver daily vehicle checks, tacho & drivers hours, health & safety, load security, SAFED driving principles

All new employees receive a two day job induction which consists of 1 day class room based and 1 day on the job training which will include a safe driving assessment.

Our drivers receive on the job audits in order to monitor and maintain our standards of operation.

Annual driving assessments are carried out by our driver trainer and new drivers or those with an accident record are targeted for additional training.

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